Dear visitors, welcome to my webpage where you may find information about my scientific and professional activities, popularization of science and philosophy.

I am associate professor at LIS Dept. of Zadar University. I studied philosophy, sociology and psychology, got M.Sc. in linguistics, PhD in philosophy of science. I teach logic, information ethics, philosophy of information, philosophy and science fiction, philosophical counseling... My research interests are at the interscetion of philosophy and popular culture, philosophical counseling, information ethics and philosophy of information.

I volunteer at Student counseling center and work with students with disabilities on Peer support course. I'm person with disability too, having an Erb's palsy.

I wrote two books, Fallout and Philosophy and defragmentations (both in Croatian), and a dozen of scientific articles and conference proceedings. I participated on various conferences in Croatia and abroad. I worked as visiting fellow at Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria, and Boras College, Sweden.

exams - timetable

autumn exams 2017./'18.
course date1 date2
grades are entered the same day, in the afternoon
Logic Friday, 14. 9. at 10h, 119 Friday, 28. 9. at 10h, 119
Introduction to cognitive science Friday, 14. 9. at 11h, 119 Friday, 28. 9. at 10h, 119
Research methodology in the social sciences Monday, 3. 9. at 14h, 41 Monday, 17. 9. at 14h, 41
Philosophical counseling Wednesday, 5. 9. at 12h, 119 Wednesday, 5. 9. at 12h, 119
Philosophy of information Friday, 14. 9. at 13h, 119 Friday, 28. 9. at 13h, 119
Research methods in information sciences Tuesday, 11. 9. at 12:30, 119 Tuesday, 25. 9. at 12:30, 119

Book 1984 and Philosophy available at Amazon.com

1984 and Philosophy

Amazon.com just announced the book 1984 and Philosophy! The book is edited by Ezio di Nuzzi and Stefan Storrie, published by Open Court. This is 116th title in Popular Culture and Philosophy series. Bruno's and mine chapter deals with issue may one be happy in spite of oppressive environment and how philosophy may help you achieve that - its history and critical thinking skills.

You may order the book here.

Biograd Public Library lecture

Biograd Public Library lecture

I had terrific opportunity to spread the viruses of both science-fiction and philosophy outside Zadar due to call of couple of my former students Kristina Barbaroša, Sanja Birkić and Tihana Jurišić from Briogad Public Library. As a part of The book night festival, I held a lecture on science fiction and fact, futurology and a bit of research ethics. It was a great experience to be guest in small community library and to interact with Sci-Fi fans of various generations. We had interesting discussion on impact of technology across the lifespan.

Science Festival

Science festival 2018 - University library at the New campus

This year's festival of science theme is a discovery. According to a successful formula, my colleague Mirko Duić and I are doing a double feature in the University Library at New campus. Mirko will present the discovery theme through some classic movies, while I will dedicate to the 80th anniversary of Orson Welles' radio adaptation of H. War Wells' 'War of the Worlds' and the challenges that civilizations will meet if aliens are ever to be discovered.

The Halloween of 2018 will make 30 years from the broadcast of the cult radio drama 'The War of the Worlds'. The radio adaptation of the classic novel by Herbert George Wells was directed by the future cult filmmaker, Orson Welles. In the shadow of the upcoming war, the Marsian invasion to the United States sounded quite convincing. The notorious reputation of the adaptation has also helped the news campaign directed against competing media. Discovery of alien life and meeting with it can be a discovery we do not want. Will the space travelers be well-intentioned and enlightened or will we participate live in some of the bad B-movies from the 50s about invasion? In the lecture, we will have the opportunity to become acquainted with some of the classic works of scientific fiction dealing with the first contact, what does it mean for human civilization and what kind of changes will it causes - re-examining politics, philosophy, religion. There will also be presented some interesting empirical research on the perception of the first contact.


Game of Thrones and Philosophy - FantaSTikon

Westeros is a stage of political intrigue, brutal conflicts and magic. Along with dragons and white walkers, the philosopher may escape your attention. What could Machiavelli, Hobbes or Plato say about the game of thrones? Who needs moral virtues if your have army large enough? Is it better to have a wise ruler or mediocre democracy? Is a man without religion as a fish without bicycles? Will Danny and John live happily... Okay, we'll skip this last one. No spoilers.

At this year's FantaSTikon I perform with a lecture on philosophy, politics, and non-violent conflict resolution in the Games of the Throne. Along with Ivica Puljak and Zdeslav Benzon, I participate in the round table devoted to Arthur C. Clarke.

Zdeslav Benzon, Ivica Puljak - forum devoted to Arthuru C. Clarkeu

Above that, I was elected as honorary member of F&ST society. Thank you.